The Ultimate Homepage Planning Checklist [Infographic]

Come gather ’round, team, and let’s make a plan for our first, next, or new website. Where shall we begin? Easy—the homepage.

We place atop the sitemap a box labeled “Home.” Smooth sailing, so far. Obviously, having a homepage is not optional. But here’s where things get quite a bit trickier… What belongs on the homepage?

Now you’re looking at options galore.

You have to make tough choices regarding the content you’ll develop for your homepage, the order the elements will appear, how they factor into your plan for delivering visitors the user experience they seek, and how they support your objectives.

Doing all that is never easy. As a go-to guy for website copywriting, I find myself in conversations about homepage planning every time and have learned perfection paralysis inevitably slows the process. So, I created a checklist in the form of an infographic (design by Visme), which I hope provides you a helpful starting point.

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