The State of E-Commerce Personalization: Budgets, Trends, and Challenges [Infographic]

These days, we know that personalization has evolved from a simple greeting in a customer’s email to the entire buying journey. Consumers expect personalized experiences at every interaction with a brand.

An infographic based on a report by Qubit explores how marketers are keeping up with those expectations. And though “not all businesses have achieved personalization nirvana,” as the graphic says, the marketing technique is becoming more used and in a larger variety of ways.

The most useful psychological tactics when personalizing are scarcity, social proof, urgency, and abandonment, according to the graphic.

And the graphic predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will help move personalization forward, with over 50% of respondents reporting that they are already using AI or are starting to explore it.

To see more about what’s going on with personalization today, check out the infographic:


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