The Internet of Things: What It Is, How We Use It, and What's Ahead [Infographic]

The Internet-connected devices that form the Internet of Things (IoT) are used for everything from environmental monitoring to transportation, but many people are still unaware of IoT or how it affects their lives. An infographic published by WebSiteGuide tries to fix that.

One out of five vehicles will have a wireless connection by 2020, and since 2008 there have been more connected devices in the world than there are people, the infographic points out.

Furthermore, there are more than 4.5 million developers working on IoT applications, so it’s no wonder the market size of IoT topped $ 917 billion in 2016, according to data the infographic cites.

And with “enough IPv6 internet addresses for every atom on earth…companies can build an endless number of devices that connect to the internet without running out of IP addresses,” the infographic explains.

To see more of these staggering numbers and learn about the Internet of Things, tap or click on the truncated image to see the full infographic:

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