The Honesty in Email Marketing Hyperbole

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In celebration of DMN’s Email Week, we filter the honesty from the hyperbole in email marketing.


The language of marketing is a body of words, phrases and terms directed toward describing the purpose of a company’s products. In reading the language, the consumer should have a clear and concise understanding of the brand.

However, in email marketing, this is not always so easy to convey. Companies are forced to evade spam filters by crafting ambiguous headlines or hyperbolic catchphrases.

In celebration of DMN’s Email Week, we have decided to filter the honesty from the hyperbole, pull the big from the ambiguous, and discover exactly what advertisements are saying to you. (The following headers have been pulled from actual emails).

Flight deals you’ll ❤❤❤: Get them before they’re gone!

Hurry, you are running out of time to buy a plane ticket for the flights that aren’t selling well!

Congrats! You’ve Been Selected for FREE…

You have been chosen to receive a bunch of stuff our company needs to get rid of!

Congrats, Alexander – you’re approved

Come on down…you have been approved for a credit card with an interest rate to match your age!

10 Most Popular Hotels of the Week

10 most unpopular hotels of the week.

Hurry, get $ 100 off select smartphones

Be the fastest to get the oldest phone!

It’s our birthday, Alexander!

So where is our gift?!?

Good thing you’re a member – these Insider Prices are just for you!

Good thing we have you email address –  no one else will answer!

We think there’s something missing… You!

We think there’s something missing…Your Money!

The 1 Workout You Need If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

The 1 workout we are willing to give away for free.

Don’t panic, Alexander – you still have a chance!

Have no fear, Alexander, we’re still a company looking to sell things!

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