Tap Into Free, Cheap, and Easy Visual Marketing Tools [Infographic]

Marketing that looks attractive is, well… attractive. Go figure.

So part of the formula for doing right in the digital domain is injecting useful eye candy in the pages and properties you publish.

Let’s keep this simple. Rather than recite (and recycle) the myriad of mind-boggling statistics that build a case for sharpening your visual marketing skills, let’s quickly review the most important reasons to think visual and explore an arsenal of killer tools that can help you get the job done with little to no budget, time, or expertise.

Make visual magic because…

  • Visual content garners far more views and shares.
  • It can help catapult conversion.
  • People remember what they see.
  • It appeals to our short attention spans.
  • The overwhelming majority of communication is non-verbal.

OK, now think visual, as the infographic below from Barry Feldman Creative and Visme says in its conclusion.

* * *

This infographic was produced with Visme by Feldman Creative, with the following as sources:

  1. http://www.visme.co
  2. https://designschool.canva.com/blog/author/jacquelinekyothomas/
  3. http://creativebloq.com/typography/download-free-fonts-resources-912696
  4. http://edudemic.com/word-cloud-generators/
  5. https://raventools.com/blog/9-tools-make-quote-photos/

If you would like to embed this infographic on your site, please use the following code:

<script src=”//my.visme.co/visme.js”></script><div class=”visme_d” data-url=”76oq047y-tap-into-visual-marketing-tools” data-w=”800″ data-h=”9060″>

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