Great Debate: The Tension Between Customer Experience and the Bottom Line

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Sitecore Adds Commerce Solution to Its Experience Platform
Sitecore Adds Commerce Solution to Its Experience Platform

No marketing phrase is used more than customer experience. We’ve written scores of articles about it. Too often, however, it’s the type of buzzword that people say without fully explaining their concept of it or attributing a reasonable meaning to it.

Simply put, brands exist to sell goods and/or services. And the more they make customers feel good about purchasing said products or services, the more likely they are to sell those things. So, the idea that promoting a good customer experience is positive for your business makes sense.

However, businesses often do things that negatively affect the customer but positively affect the bottom line. No airline has one staffer per customer to make sure everything is running smoothly on an individual basis. Hotels still can and will charge for individual wifi, even though it’s practically a free utility throughout the Western world. Banks may have fraud prevention, but they also charge plenty of nuisance fees that drive customers crazy.

So, what do we mean when we say customer experience? How do we square the noble pursuit of giving customers exactly what they want with what needs to be done to keep the business healthy?

We’re soliciting opinions on the customer experience dilemma. If you have a strong opinion, fill out this form below or click here. We’ll post our five favorite answers below on May 12.

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