Get Your Emails Read: How to Level-Up Your Inbox Game [Infographic]

Hitting the “send” button may be the end of your email setup process, but it’s just the start of your email’s travels to your customers. And your job isn’t over yet, especially if you want to make sure those emails are landing in inboxes.

What does that journey to the inbox look like? ReturnPath put together an interactive game—a workday diversion peppered with facts and tips about email deliverability.

The graphic here consolidates the tips from the game onto one page. First it explains the basic factors your sending reputation is based on, such as volume and frequency, complaints, and spam traps. Next, it lists the steps for warming up your IP address, including checking your SenderScore, slowly increasing your mail volume, and using SPF, DMARC, and DKIM authentications.

From there, you’ll want to sign up for feedback loops, maintain a clean list, and monitor your reputation.

To see all the steps and best-practices for your email deliverability journey, tap or click on the image to see the full infographic:


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