Facebook Auto Pokes with iMacro

When you have a lot of friends and followers on Facebook, the number of pokes can be high. Most of the time you hesitate to return a poke. Moreover, responding to each poke is time consuming. That’s why your Poke Page in Facebook steadily gets compiled with many pokes. But, not returning is also a bad idea. It is a silent piece of communication to many, which can help you stay silently in touch with friends and peers.

Auto Pokes for Facebook with iMacro

Facebook Auto Pokes with iMacro

To save you time, I have created an Automated Facebook Poking Script that can auto-poke your pokers automatically. It is made from iMacros Scripts. iMacros is a macro tool for browsers that can help you do repetitive boring jobs automatically, just like the Macros in MS Office. To know more about iMacros, please visit this link

To make the Facebook Auto Poke work for you, here’s what you have to do:

Get iMacros

If you are using Firefox, then get iMacros Addon from here.

If you are using Chrome, then get iMacros Extension from here.

Install the Addon/Extension on your browser.

Optimize  iMacros

After getting it installed, open iMacros and below the windows, press “Preferences” to get the path where the Macros saved. It’s usually located at: My Documents\iMacros\Macros


Download my Facebook Autopoke iMacros Script file from this location and save the file in the location where all the macro files are located. After you make the script file available in the location, close iMacros and reopen. You should be able to see “500 Auto Pokes.iim” file like the snapshot above.

Make the Autopoke Work

Once you have the script in place, log into Facebook and then open iMacros from your browser. Select the “500 Auto Pokes.iim” file on iMacros and click the “Play” button.


That should do the trick.


  • Please don’t move away to other windows while the pokes are being done. It might pause the auto poking process.
  • This is based on 500 pokes at a time. If you have less than 500 pokes in the Pokes page, then it might stop working after all are finished.
  • This ensures that all “Poke Back” links are clicked. But, most of the time, you may see that some pokes are not returned. If you play the script again, it’ll start working.
  • Facebook keeps on changing every now and then. This might not work if anything in Facebook is changed. Please comment below, if things are not working.

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