Discover a Fix for the Content Blues

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Discover a Fix for the Content Blues
Discover a Fix for the Content Blues

Marketing automation has created conditions in which finely segmented audiences can be addressed with personalized content at scale. Great: but where’s the content coming from? Creative resources are under strain, sure, but at a more fundamental level, the sheer challenge of coming up with content concepts can seem overwhelming.

Discover, a solution launched today by the social media intelligence vendor Unmetric, is aimed at easing the strain of ideation for brand marketers. Indeed, Discover, a standalone offering, is an evolution of the ideation engine component of Unmetric’s Event Pulse platform. It’s designed to help marketers discover–of course–and share content ideas with other team members in real time.

Unmetric co-founder and CEO Lux Narayan told me, “The problem we’re trying to solve is filling up a blank screen. What should my brand talk about now, next week, next month, and so on?” In an environment where surfing the data wave means running six optimized campaigns per month rather than one campaign every six months, he said, it’s an increasing struggle for marketers to be “creative on demand.”

The new offering “catalyses ideation,” said Narayan, by displaying constant streams of branded social media content clustered around customized topics. Discover draws on historic and new content published on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by over 40,000 brands. 

Users can customize the dashboard to display subject matter of interest (based around upcoming events, say, or keywords and hashtags); track content created within their own vertical; and get a quick sense of what competitors are doing around specified topics. “The vision,” said Narayan, “is that these social signals are really powerful and can be used by anyone creating content.” Discover also gives access to a growing historic database of over 300 million pieces of published brand content. 

Discovered items can be added, shared and discussed on Pinterest-like internal boards. I asked Narayan whether the solution offered recommendations about topics to follow. Not yet, but he acknowledged that the ability to “be predictive about what you should be following” is on the product roadmap.

Discover has been in private beta for Unmetric customers, but will be open to all.

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