Day Two At SXSWi

Eamonn Carey

Design products or sites to be functional, usable … but the piece that can be missing in many cases is pleasure. Something to put a smile on their face—to engage and make them smile. To add some personality.

Play matters. Mischief matters. It lets you light up the reward pathways of the brain.

We have no patience or attention span.

Carey designed an anti-Farmville game called Farm Villain. Created it as a laugh for friends, but it took off. Succeeded in making mischief. Hit a zeitgeist and nerve and sold it.

”People use online and social channels to waste time so why don’t we give them some cool shit to do while they’re there.”

Google does a great job in adding fun to their products. Google Maps examples include directions from the Shire to Mordor answering with Lord of the Rings Quotes or the man disappearing in a UFO if you go over Area 51.

Example provided was with smart car. Someone tweeted a joke saying they saw a Smart Car get pooped on by a bird and totaled it. Smart Car tweeting back, saying it couldn’t have been one bird. It must have been 4.5 million birds. They had actually done the math to see how many it would take to crush their protective frame and included an infographic for good measure.

Burger King ran a campaign to de-friend someone on Facebook for a free whopper. They got notifications “So and so unfriended you … for a free whopper.”

So how do you get started?

Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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