Day Four At SXSWi

Andy Shore

Day Four At SXSWi

Mar 14 2016, 03:00 AM by

Day Four At SXSWi Happy Pi Day! Greetings from adult spring break. Two full days to go here at South By Southwest Interactive. Part of me never wants to leave … the other part loves sleep. I’ve learned a ton thus far and hope that you have gleaned some lessons from our lives blogs as well.

Making Metrics Sexy: Find ROI in the (Excel) Sheets

Erin Dwyer – Senior Vice President Global Ecom & Social at Haven Beauty
Meg Owen – Senior Digital Analyst at Edelman

Measuring social media is not impossible … it’s just complicated.

You have to know who the audience is that you’re reporting to. It varies based on who you have to present your data to.

Social & Digital Team:

  • Not necessarily justifying what you’re doing—it’s about celebrating it.
  • Show highlights, give a qualitative recap.
  • Let your team know what worked and why, so they can apply that to content moving forward.
  • Four categories for ROI: Awareness, Preference, Purchase, Advocacy.

Quarterly Report:

  • Growth Patterns
  • Content Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Engagement vs. Traffic vs. Revenue
  • Campaign Spotlights
  • Platform Analysis
  • Paid Review

Internal PR or Marketing Team

  • Know what you can do for them. How can you help them.
  • Top 3 Posts/Content Performers
  • Key Metrics
  • Social News
  • 3 Things To Know

Integrated Marketing Report

  • Key Insights & Data To Team
  • How You Helped
  • How Social Is Helping
  • Show Key Wins

Senior Management / Your Boss

  • Awareness as a KPI … but be able to answer the “so what?” questions
  • Show you’re hitting the direct audience you want
  • Business KPIs
  • Insights
  • Social KPIs

5 Key Points

  • Speak to your audience and their needs
  • Sometimes less is more
  • Vanity can only get you so far
  • Try new things, get creative
  • Be Social with social … don’t hide in the closet

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