Beware of Unsafe User-Generated Content [Infographic]

Most marketers get very excited about user-generated content (UGC) because it can boost brand awareness and business. But beware that some UGC can actually damage your brand.

Here’s a look at common problems in UGC, according to the following Vivoom infographic. The company analyzed more than 4,000 user-generated videos and discovered that, on average, 6.6% of user-generated videos were found (by the brands referenced in the content) to be problematic.

One big problem with UGC is “creation of content that isn’t in keeping with a brand’s image or campaign objectives,” states Vivoom. “The biggest offenders were people age 25-34. 40% of total off-brand content came from them.”

Another UGC issue is inappropriate content, such as profanity, nudity, and hate speech.

To find out more about issues in UGC, check out the infographic.

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