6 Ways to Turn Email Subscribers Into Facebook Fans

6 Ways to Turn Email Subscribers Into Facebook Fans

Previously, you could add email addresses and upload bulk email addresses using CSV files to promote your page to your subscribers. But, in recent years, Facebook has stopped this feature. However, there are other ways to turn the subscribers in your email list to Facebook Fans for your page.

Turn Email Subscribers Into Facebook Fans

1. Encourage Like in On-boarding Email

Shoot an on-boarding email to every subscriber when they subscribe to your email list. Many people prefer liking a Facebook page, instead of leaving their email address for a newsletter. Other than the fake ones, the real people do not like any page unless they understand that the page have loads of updates related to their interest. So, in your on-boarding email, give your best to trigger that interest. But, to trigger this interest, explain the value of liking your Facebook page. Like, what they’ll get and also some of the latest posts. e.g. “Get the latest social media marketing tips, without the craps”.

2. Encourage Comments on Facebook Posts

Shoot each newsletter highlighting “Comment on this news” and direct the users to the Facebook Post. Usually, this will not trigger Page Like, but it might grow your affinity with the user and gradually can end up as a Page Like.

I wish you could embed Facebook Posts in Email. Then you could’ve done it in a good way. But, the posts are embedded using iFrames and most email client and email service providers will consider these emails as spam. But, a work around with this is: embed a snapshot of the post as image in your email and make sure you link to the Facebook Post from the Snapshot.

3. Mention Page in Email Signature

Use the Facebook Page in your signature for all emails and also don’t forget to mention the value they’ll get for liking.  e.g. “Get the latest social media marketing tips, without the craps”. This is just a sample, but be creative on your value-asserting-punch-line.

In addition to that, you also can mention what’s the next big thing coming up that might encourage the subscribers to like the page to get the updates. e.g. “Like our page to stay updated about the highlights from BIMPA Digital Marketing Conference″.

If you have a very good number of fans, then you also can mention the number of likes in your email signature. Some people evaluate a good page by the number of likes (obviously the ones that are crap-less).

4. Call to Action to Like Page for Website Visitors

When your email list audience visits your page, make sure there is a prominent call to action on your website for them to like your page. Prominent Call to Action has proven to be effective in almost all cases to trigger certain behavior. i.e. if you don’t call people to take action, then there is less likeliness that people will take the action you want.

For the Call to Action on your website, you can use any widget placed in prominent place, sticky widgets, popup message or in sticky Hotbar on top of the page (typically in hot colors). For people to like your page from your website, you can use various Social Plugins made available by Facebook.

5. Target Custom Audience with your Email List

You can import your email list in Facebook and create a custom audience. Facebook will use the email list to advertise to the users that match the users’ email addresses from your email list.

However, there is one problem, many people use their office email for signing up for professional newsletters. But, most people use their personal email address for Facebook account. If your newsletter is highly professional, then you might not get good results. So, while collecting emails, encourage people to subscribe with their personal email address.

6. Use Remarketing Audience

If you face the problem I mentioned in the above point, then your best choice is to use Remarketing Audience. Or to ensure best performance, you can tryout both. To allow Facebook to grab the audience data, you need to create a Pixel from the Facebook Pixel Page. Then create a Custom Audience using Website Traffic. And finally, use that traffic to create a Page Like Campaign.

But, make sure you have separate URL pattern for Newsletter or Blog. e.g. yoursite.com/blog/ or yoursite.com/newsletter/. It’ll help you to create a separate remarketing list for your subscribers who clicked links on your emails and landed on your website. Usually, the subscribers who land on your site are the best audience to target for Facebook Like Campaign.

Have you found other ways to make Email Subscribers Into Facebook Fans, become your Facebook Fans? Please feel free to comment below.

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