4 Online Video Trends (And When To Use Them In Your Marketing)

Videos are prominent fixtures in today’s marketing plans. It’s essential for digital marketers and advertisers to stay ahead of emerging trends and know how to use them in their own strategies.

Ahead of our upcoming webcast, we explore four current online video trends, and when to use them in your digital marketing.

Videos that are longer or shorter than 30 seconds

It wasn’t long ago that 30-second videos were an industry standard. Now, advertisers are breaking that boundary and experimenting with shorter and longer videos to meet goals.

Videos that are ten seconds or less offer cross-platform appeal and are particularly attractive to young generations. For example, Generation Z viewers are accustomed to using various streaming sites and internet-connected devices. Short videos make their point without distracting delays.

In contrast, it’s useful to consider videos that last 90 seconds or more when attempting to incite emotion or convey deep meaning.

When to use: Use videos shorter than 30 seconds when your audience is spread out across platforms or has a short attention span. Use longer videos when your audience is likely to be deeply emotionally engaged with your content, or when you’re addressing a sensitive issue.

Calls-to-action within videos

Calls-to-action are just as important in videos as text-based content. Without them, customers are likely to feel momentarily fascinated by what they see but fail to take any concrete action that drives sales or get other desirable results.

Sometimes, an entire video serves as a call-to-action. Purple, a direct-to-consumer mattress company, for example, blew benchmarks out of the water with their collection of creative marketing videos (one even garnered more than 3.3 million views).

When to use: Use video CTAs to prompt viewers to watch another video, click on a relevant link to your site or to share discount codes with those watching your videos.

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