2016 Webinar Benchmarks for Brands

What’s the average length of a brand webinar? Which days are the most popular for hosting events? How much engagement occurs afterwards?

To find out, BrightTALK examined data from more than 12,000 webinars it hosted on its platform in 2015. All of the webinars examined were later published to business communities on the BrightTALK platform, indicating that the content was primarily B2B-focused.

Webinars presented by brands are 39 minutes long, on average, the analysis found. Attendees watch 37 minutes of a live webinar, on average.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Host Days

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the most popular days for brands to host webinars.


Between 36% and 39% of pre-registrants actually attend live webinars, on average.


Webinars uploaded online after the live event build significant audiences over time, the analysis found. In fact, 69% of on-demand views occur more than 10 days after the event.

About the research: The report was based on data from more than 12,000 webinars hosted on the BrightTALK platform in 2015.

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